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AA&A Artistries Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Did you make all these yourself?

A:  YES!  The tiny top hats were designed and constructed by myself.  I have two different base designs, felt and fabric.  The majority of my hats are completely hand assembled while using fabrics found from across the world!  Some from local well known craft stores, others imported.  I also have a few specialty designs that are made by collaborating artists with their permission respectfully. -Aimee

Q: Why are you sometimes in the Dealers Room?

A: There are a couple of different reasons.
  • Some conventions have 3D artists or Crafters in the Dealers area due to their polices.
  • We simply missed the deadline to apply to Artist Alley and really want to attend a convention.  When in the dealers room you will see us sharing the  10x10 space with another artists who normally be in artist alley.  This is because dealers spaces are expensive and it helps keep our costs down. 

Q:  I placed a commission order and it took longer than you said to receive or the order was lost, what's going on?

A:  First let me start by apologizing deeply to my commission customers.  To put it simply, I took on more than I could handle.  I still pretty much run the entire company alone along with making each product with the acception of Kalico Angel's Collection.  Though this is no excuse for a lost order.  I am still new to business and I make mistakes.  If you have a late or missing order please email me at and I will contact you back about either issuing a refund or reschedule a deadline.  - Aimee

Q:  Why do your prices change from one convention to the next?

A:  We try to keep our costs competitively low and fair.  Sometimes the cost to attend a convention is more than another.  Supply costs rise and fall along with travel expenses and all of those changes are reflected in our prices.  

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