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AA&A Artistries takes copyright laws seriously.  

We understand that times are changing and major corporations are watching conventions and their artists/vendors closely.  The following details describe how AA&A Artistries will go above and beyond to respect Conventions, Artists, Corporations, and their Properties.

In 2013 we visited the Funimation Studios in Dallas, TX to review our work with a member of their team.  The collection at that time was to their satisfaction.  As we continue to update our collection we will keep our line of communication with their company open.

Any character pins used as an embellishment on our tiny top hat designs are purchased with the acknowledgement from their artist to be used for our products.  Pin illustrations are hand drawn/designed by the artists listed under the Collaborating Artists page.  Per the Funimation requirements no logos will be used. 

Some fabric designs purchased online with well known characters are hand drawn illustrations.  Those artists have willfully given permission for their interpretations to be used.  

The Police Box design was NOT disapproved by the BBC according to our direct contact with the supplier as of summer 2013.  In 2015 the BBC approved a line of fabrics to be sold to the public. All character fabric can be sold as long as it is altered to created a new product. However, if your convention wishes for zero fan art/ commercial fabrics we will be more than happy to meet those accommodations.

- AA&A Artistries has proudly never been served a cease-and-desist notification. -
Any designs not approved on sight (at a convention) by Legal Representation of a Respect Company will be removed at request. 

We do not pretend to be an expert in this field.  As a small business we would simply like to have the same courtesy extended to our own designs.  We will continue to communicate with the proper parties to make sure AA&A Artistries will always be a friendly company to work with.

If you are a convention considering us for your Artist Alley or Dealers Room and have any more questions please feel free to contact Aimee directly at

We thank you for your cooperation.

AA&A Artistries

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